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Simplicity is the secret to safety. We carry only the best equipment on the market - which is why we are a distributor of Sick USA safety controls. All of Sick USA’s safety controls are designed for machines today and machines of the future, comply with all the latest safety standards, and are certified for international applicability. Even better, the SICK USA safety controls don’t require any programming experience to operate.

As with all of their products, safety controls designed by Sick USA are easy to operate. They are flexible and scalable in application and get you closer to achieving intelligent machine design.

Sick USA safety controls operate with a modular hardware platform and no complex software. Easy to operate and compact, they can be integrated with all safety control components.

Flexi Soft: The software-programmable safety controller

  • Expansion modules, Motion Control modules, and gateways for all common fieldbuses
  • Configuration data stored in the system plug
  • Safe networking of up to 32 Flexi Soft stations
  • Integration of sensor cascade
  • Multi-language, license-free configuration software: exceptionally simple operation, plausibility check, simulation mode, wiring diagram, parts list, documentation, and data recorder

Flexi Classic: Efficient and easy-to-use safety controller

  • Rotary DIP switch for easy adjustment
  • Modularly expandable
  • Direct wiring for all types of sensors
  • Logic functions: AND, OR, Muting, Bypass, Reset, EDM
  • Integration into all common fieldbuses
  • Integration of the safe sensor cascade Flexi Loop
  • Special muting modules are able to meet all the requirements of a demanding muting application
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  SICK Flexi Soft


 What's New in Rilco  What's New:

PULS Acquires Etasyn
Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Rilco Industrial Controls has long distributed products for PULS Power House.  As a worldwide leader in the development and production of DIN rail power supplies, PULS has the expertise and quality customers have come to expect from Rilco.

Solving Quality Control Issues in Packaging with Vision Sensors
Saturday, August 5, 2017
Three of the most common quality control problems in the world of high-speed packaging are missing caps, lids or open containers, misapplied labels and incorrect labels all of which can be easily resolved using vision-sensor technology of the kind provided through Rilco Industrial Controls for the SICK USA brand.  Combining a machine-vision camera with onboard intelligence optimized for optical-inspection tasks, vision sensors are highly specialized quality-control tools that can be adapted for myriad applications.

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