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Whether it comes from a natural source, it comes from an incandescent bulb or it comes from a light-emitting diode, every industrial application requires light to function. But when heavy machinery, large tools and bulky equipment all have the potential to harm those using and controlling them, an industrial application is in need of another form light. A safety light curtain can protect people in a variety of industrial settings, regardless of what machinery surrounds them. It doesn’t matter if the area of industrial automation you work in is big or small; every person involved can benefit from having the added protection of a safety light curtain included in your application. At RILCO Industrial Controls, not only do we distribute safety light curtains, our team has a thorough understanding of how these devices function.

These opto-electric devices can range in size, it doesn’t matter what size application they are used for; the level of safeguard safety light curtains provide is unmatched. Working in tandem with a transmitter, safety light curtains project parallel beams of infrared light onto a receiver unit. When something opaque, like a human being for example, blocks that light path from the transmitter to the receiver, a stop signal is then sent to the machine the safety light curtain is guarding. Once that signal is sent out, that machine stops working. So, if an employee drops another piece of equipment or finds him/herself in a spot where he/she isn’t meant to be, with a safety light curtain installed, there is no need to worry; powerful machinery and equipment will come to an immediate halt.

Like many other pieces of safety equipment meant for industrial settings, safety light curtains come in different sizes with different functions to protect workers from accidentally entering a hazardous area. The devices are controlled by you, and, the function of the machines safety light curtains protect can either be controlled by selection through safe control at your instruction or can be integrated into an automated system, all depending on the variant of safety light curtain you choose.

If this sounds like something that would benefit your business, RILCO Industrial Controls is the company to contact. We distribute solely the best in industrial automation products and tools. It’s important to us at RILCO that all of our customers have the highest quality products available to help you safely and efficiently control your automation tasks. When you’re in need of safety light curtains to ensure people’s (and machines’) safety on a regular basis, we have a well-known partner for such devices: SICK USA. It’s no surprise SICK is a globally respected brand; this company has a wide range of products, all of which serve numerous industries. For nearly 50 years, SICK has been a leading manufacturer of process automation and factory technology from Germany to the U.S. to around the world. SICK USA offers a multitude of solutions and works in multiple ways to be an energy-efficient company. One of those ways is by utilizing the latest technology to manufacture their broad scope of products, which allows SICK to create reliable products that are also cost effective. One of our main partners for automation equipment of all selections, SICK USA offers only the best safety light curtains available.

Offering you the highest quality products is of the upmost importance to us at RILCO Industrial Controls. When you need the very best for your job, you’ll receive the just that when you choose to work with us. Why is that? We have partnered with SICK USA for safety light curtains and other companies to provide you with only the highest quality of industrial automation tools. Feel free to view our Line Card to see all of the companies we partner with as well as all of the products we distribute.

As always, feel free to Contact Us for more information about safety light curtains or other products we distribute. The employees at RILCO Industrial Controls are knowledgeable in all aspects of the industrial automation field, so we can help you determine what equipment is the best for the job.
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