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When many people hear the phrase “industrial automation,” their first thought go straight to robots. We know that isn’t the case; there are automated parts needed in many fields. Ensuring that something is being precisely held in place or that the positioning is correct is where stepper motors come in. Whatever part of the industrial automation field you may be involved in - CNC machining, optics, packaging - stepper motors may be critical. Fortunately, we distribute and understand them at RILCO Industrial Controls.

Operating with direct current, stepper motors take their name very seriously by dividing a full rotation into a number of steps. Holding a stepper motor in one of its many positions can be a necessary facet of industrial automated systems. Stepper motors do not need a feedback sensor, though, and operate as an open-loop system in many of their applications. Holding an exact position requires great precision, which is crucial to a functioning automation system.

Different from servomotors, again stepper motors do not require feedback sensors. More specifically, they don’t use feedback sensors when the motor is properly sized for the distinct application. Servomotors are a closed-loop mechanism and stepper motors operate as an open-looped mechanism. After rotating to the selected position, servomotors rest while stepper motors lock and hold on to the desired position. Depending on what area of automation you work in and what specific application you are working on, stepper motors may be the best choice for the job.

When your business needs only the best stepper motors to get the job done, RILCO Industrial Controls is the company to contact. We distribute solely the best in industrial automation products and tools. We want you to have the highest quality products with which to complete all of your tasks and responsibilities. Our main partner for stepper motors is FASTECH. High performance and high precision products are what FASTECH is all about. Since being established in 2001, this progressive company has developed and quickly improved already existing technologies in the field of motion control products. While they are a relatively young company, FASTECH knows their business when it comes to designing and manufacturing products that will get the job done - precisely.

Offering you the highest quality products is of the upmost importance to RILCO Industrial Controls. So when you need the very best, we only partner with and distribute for the very best companies. That’s why we’ve joined forces with FASTECH for stepper motors and stepper systems. Feel free to view our Line Card to see all of the companies we partner with and all of the products we can provide. As always, don’t hesitate to Contact Us for more information about stepper motors or other products. The employees at RILCO are knowledgeable in all aspects of industrial automation, so we can help you determine what stepper motor best suits the job.
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