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Applications of Servo Motors
Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The high-tech robots we see today that are able to move their arms freely to pick up objects and place them on the desired location, mostly use servo motors to achieve the precise movements.

Servo motors are a type of DC motor that enable precise controlling of an angular position.

These motors lower their speed with the help of gear. The revolution cutoff of most servo motors is from 90 degree to 180 degree while some have the cutoff of 360 degree or more. However, servo motors are not always rotating. Their rotation is limited between fixed angles.

Servo motors are critical for applications that require precise control. Some applications where servo motors are commonly used today are discussed below:


A servo motor is used in joints of a robot to actuate its movement and give the robotic arm precise angular control.

Conveyor Belt

Servo motors are used in conveyor belts to start, move and stop the belt at particular positions, for example, in bottling/packaging products and labeling them.

Auto Focus in Camera

A servo motor of extreme precision is built into cameras to correct the lens and sharpen images that are out of focus.

Robotic Vehicle

Servo motors are used in bomb detonation vehicles and other military applications, where it controls the torque of the wheels to start, move and stop the vehicle and manages the speed as well.

Solar Tracking

In solar panels, servo motors are used to adjust the angle of panels automatically so that each panel continuously faces the sun and maximum solar energy is harnessed.

Metal Forming and Metal Cutting Machines

With servo motors, precision motion control is achieved for lathes, milling machines and in fabrication of metal for different items like automotive wheels, jar lids, etc.

Antenna Position

Similar to angle control of solar panels, servo motors are also used for controlling telescopes and antennas for proper reception of signals.


Servo motors provide control over woodturning mechanism that shapes stair spindles and table legs. These motors also assist in drilling holes in these products to assemble them properly.

Textile Industry

Servo motors allow controlling industrial weaving and spinning machines, knitting and loom machines that produce textile like fabrics and carpeting and wearable items like caps, socks, mittens and gloves.

Printing Pressing

In printing press, servo motors are used to start and stop the printing head on precise locations on the page and move the paper along for printing graphics or text in exact places, whether it is a magazine, newspaper or a book.

Automatic Doors

Automatic doors at supermarkets are a prime example of servo motors. Servo motors control automatic doors with the help of sensors connected with these motors.

If servo motors were not there, many applications we see today would not have been possible. If you’re looking for servo motors for either commercial or industrial use, get in touch with Rilco Industrial Controls.

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Applications of Servo Motors
Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The high-tech robots we see today that are able to move their arms freely to pick up objects and place them on the desired location, mostly use servo motors to achieve the precise movements.

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