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PSS67 PLC: Thinking Outside the Control Cabinet
Friday, December 1, 2017

Flexible, decentralized automation solutions are increasingly in demand for extended, distributed plants and machine lines and Pilz, world leader in automation, is expanding its range of solutions to meet those needs.  To that end it has launched the PSS67 PLC, the first safe PLC controller with protection type IP67 that can be installed outside the control cabinet.

Because the PSS67 PLC is designed for industrial automation outside the control cabinet the controller can be installed exactly where it is needed. This creates a shorter route for automation by reducing wiring work significantly compared with control cabinet-based systems and increases flexibility when implementing modular plant architectures.  In addition, due to its fully encapsulated module electronics, this controller is particularly robust mechanically.  It is protected against dust and temporary submersion and can be used for temperatures from -30°C to +60°C meaning there is no need to set the controller up in a climate controlled area away from machinery.

As a safe PLC controller, PSS67 PLC is suitable for applications up to the highest category PL e. And, because the PSS67 PLC is part of the automation system PSS 4000, it is completely compatible with other controllers in the system and easy to integrate into existing architectures. The tried and tested engineering software PAS4000 is available for programming in IEC 61131-3 programming languages as well as the PASmulti Editor. PSS67 PLC has 16 safe digital inputs for the direct connection of sensors and can be combined with the compact module PSS67 I/O from Pilz, which forwards signals from the field.
The whole device configuration can be stored on a securely integrated microSD card making it easier to exchange devices as you only need to change the micro SD card. No reconfiguration is required.

At RILCO Industrial Controls we carry a full line of Pilz products and we are fully trained to help you choose the best solutions for your unique application.  We can not only help with selection and installation, but we provide you with 24-hour technical support, as well.  Contact Us today for more information about Pilz. We’re standing by for you!


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